Enterprise Architect - Lead/Senior Full Stack Developer | Engineer | UI Developer | Agile Methods

Name: Einar Valur Adalsteinsson

Language and Skills

Professional Overview

Enterprise Architect

Currently executing the role of Enterprise Architect for Iceland's biggest airline, where I drive innovation and change. Help support old tech and new in a challenging space of the aviation industry.

Back-end Development

Nine years’ experience as a back-end developer. Developed medium to complex systems. My current job focuses mostly on GraphQL servers in Scala which talk to APIs written in many languages including: Scala, Java, Ruby.

Isomorphic Node applications in TypeScript, running on either EC2 or Lambda that talk to GraphQL servers via Apollo clients.

My current position/role focuses on high performance applications as these systems service millions of request each day.

Frontend Development

Eleven years’ experience in developing front end. Everything from simple HTML templates to complex Single Page Application. Having a degree in Fine Arts I have undertaken UI design as well as implemented front-ends.

My current role focuses on Isomorphic React applications with variety of data-stores. Anything from nothing, to Redux to ApolloClient.

I have won an awards for my work. Most notable the 'Best Web 2013' at SVEF (Icelandic Web Awards) for http://www.bluelagoon.is.


Six years’ experience in working in Agile/Scrum teams. I have worked in teams that that pretty much adapt the full SCRUM practice. In my current job I use Agile based practices with user-stories, planning, fast interaction, continues delivery and retro.


In web development, interaction with designers and UX is hugely important. I have worked as a designer, both for the web and for print. I have a BA in Fine Arts and have often taken on the role of being a bridge between developers and designers.


I have in my roles worked with an array of tools, software, utilities and technologies: Graphic editors and image/video/audio production tools. Analytic and system administration tools. Management and planning tools. I have worked with different hosting technologies including security, user access, backup and disaster recovery. I have touched on many of the modern programming and scripting languages. I have produced, maintained and supported websites and other applications.

Professional Work History


Icelandair is Iceland's biggest airline with almost 80 years of history. As such, the role of an Enterprise Architect can be quite challenging where one has to weigh old tech stacks and new with the best possible outcome for the business and the customer.

REA / 1Form

realestate.com.au is the largest real-estate advertisement platform in Australia. Serving millions of request each day. It has Buy-and-sell listings along with rental listings. When realestate.com.au wanted to expand their rental products I jumped at the opportunity to lead a team in that space.

I lead a team of developers both in Xi'an (China) and Melbourne (Australia). My role is to work closely with Product, Delivery, Design and BA (Business Analyst) and bring together different requirements while leading technical discussions and decisions.

This role is both technical, where I am responsible for simple technical implementation up to large scale architectural decisions, but also a people role, where I am a montor and a leader across countries and cultures.

Since realestate.com.au/REA-group is such a large company (more that 500 developers in Melbourne), the role of a lead developer is not only leading inwards to the tem team but also outwards and communicate with other lead developers to make making sure that there is technical continuity within the whole of organization.

Some of the tech used includes AWS (EC2, S3, ELB, Lambda, SQS, SNS, SES etc..), PHP, JavaScript, React, Scala, Ruby, REST API, GraphQL, ElasticSearch, MySQL, Google Big Query, Docker and may more.

REA / Resi

I develop and maintain the real-estate agent's promotional platform.

The REA ecosystem is a collection of many, many internal APIs (micro-services) written in different languages, including: Java, Scala, JS, Ruby.

All the micro-services are hosted on AWS and use everything from simple Lambdas to complex EC2 instances. They access data stored in S3 buckets, ElasticSearch clusters, MySQL/Redshift databases, which exchange data via SNS/SQS message passing as well as internal data-loaders/feeders

Front-ends usually pull relative data from different APIs behind a thin GraphQL servers (JS/Scala) and serve them in a React isomorphic applications, often from Lambda gateways, but sometimes ES2s.

React isomorphic applications are written in Plain JS, TypeScript or Flow and follow the classic webpack/babel model.

I touch on most of these technologies on a day-to-day bases as well as ops tasks usually related to AWS.


I developed and progressed 99's main product, the 'contests' project. This includes: planning, maintaining, analyzing, designing and developing the 99design platform using appropriate programming and scripting languages: The application is housed at AWS and uses services in that stack including S3. A PHP/Symfony enterprise application, with a mixture of React, Flight and jQuery in the frontend The team uses Agile methodology and Test Driven Development; this allows for Continuous Delivery.

Technologies include: PHP, Symfony, Elastic Search, SASS, React / jQuery / Flight / JavaScript (ES6 / Bable / Webpack), AWS, TDD, Docker

Working closely with product managers, designers, UXs and developers I produced artifacts including: programming code, graphics and animation.

I work with frontend and backend web-based methodologies such as software applications, network, web-related issues, security and hosting. Database and backup related issues tailored to specifications of user needs.

The 99 platform is a user-centered application. My responsibilities include: user access control, web server security, space allocation and disaster recovery.

The platform interacts with other services and third-party libraries, integration of computer code with other specialised inputs is therefore required.

Dropbox / UENO

Through a company called UENO (http://www.ueno.co) I worked as a contractor for Dropbox. Front of funnel marketing UI Committing to DropBox code repository Technologies included: Python, SASS, CoffeeScript. I gained experience in management tools like Phabricator.


Between 2012 and 2014, I worked for Icelandic digital and web development agency Kosmos&Kaos. Via the agency I was exposed to a wide variety of projects and various technologies. Some of them include Drupal and Wordpress. Other were custom solutions requiring custom frameworks. I frequently acted as the team lead on large scale projects. I designed and developed Drupal and Wordpress client sites

Technologies included: PHP, Drupal, Wordpress, CSS/SASS (Bootstrap), JavaScript/jQuery/Polymer, Node.js, Agile/Scrum, TDD

Kosmos&Kaos is an agency and works on many different projects. The requirements are usually client tailored. They include a variety of artifacts produced including: Code/scripting (web- and system programming). Graphics/designs and image production. Animation, audio/video and multimedia production. Games.

My job there also included: Content management Planning, producing and maintaining projects, applications and websites

While working for the agency Kosmos&Kaos. We were approached by the biggest newspaper in Iceland (mbl.is). A creation of a system where people could ask questions and candidates of the parliamentary election could answer either by text or video.

I designed and developed a system written in Node.js. Candidates were given special code to identify them to the system. Regular users used Facebook's oAuth.

To process uploaded videos I used RabbidMQ to store request for video encoding and than FFMPEG process to convert to web complient format. The system was active for less than a month and experienced high traffic. It was then decomissioned. Technologies included: - Node.js, JavaScript (vanilla), Sass, RabbitMQ, FFMPEG


Stjornvisi are collection of C level executives who wanted a platform where they could create 'groups', each dedicated to different aspect of running a company. They asked myself and my business partner to design, architect and build the site. I built the system and designed the interface. I also acted as the administrator for the whole system, set up a virtual machine and managed the hosting. We have now sold the technology to the owner to self manage. Users of the system can register to many groups and each group can have events and news. Events are usually meeting or talks and they produce artifacts like slide-decks and photos. The system is responsible for advertising events to members and user need to register to a given event to be able to attend. The system also acts as file storage for artifacts or resources. Administrators can also send out e-mails to all members or just members of a specific group. The system sends out automatic e-mails like a weekly digest. The system was originally built using ZendFramework and was then upgrated to ZF2.

An event system built on top of it notifies RabbitMQ if request are made like if a mail service should send out emails or if another event has happen in the system.

Technologies included: PHP, ZF1/2, RabbitMQ, SASS, JavaScript jQuery/Polymer/Vanilla JS, LAMP stack Linux(Ubuntu)/Apache/MySQL/PHP

Education History